Gold & Wood eyewear collection for man or woman

Gold_Wood_eyewearGold & Wood is the manufacturer of high-end hand-crafted eyeglasses that has always appreciated by the people for four things, that are: their quality, comfort, elegance and style.

At the Mido show, their last release was crafted along the lines of classic and contemporary styles with an incredible attention to detail.

Now, they are offering a collection of eyewear to the people. This collection is made from precious exotic and metals woods. Gold & Wood Spring Frame release included three models – H23 (Reinvented pilot glasses, unisex model); B13 (the strength of a peaceful temperament, for men); A kit (The Gold & Wood line of rimless frames, for men).

Where each model in this Collection embodies and reflects the spirit of the age and it is wearer’s style that is absolutely unique to the woman and man of distinction.

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