Live in real luxurious style with Karolina’s wear!

karolina-zmarlakA woman who knows it well all when it comes to classy and luxurious fashion, is Karolina Zmarlak who did her graduation from F.I.T.’s fashion-design program, specializing in tailoring and the winner of Gen Art’s Styles award for evening wear in 2005.

Karolina Zmarlak’s style can be called as a real luxury in your wardrobe. About her collections, the best

thing is that they are very stylish as well as casual too at the same time. Now, her new range includes the concept of convertible clothing, so, you can wear a single piece of garment in many ways. Like wear a black frock that turns into a blue one once you turn it upside down and a pullover that turns into a waistcoat.

Now, the collection is ready-to-wear and is very viable also. So, if you are bored of one-time trash dresses, then watch out for this collection. I am sure you can call it the real luxury!

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