Indian designer introduces Diamond Studded Bustier

By designer Anamika Khanna, India is getting its own Victoria’s Secret-like couture lingerie with a 1 million euro diamond Orra bustierbustier in collaboration with ORRA diamonds. The Orra Diamond Bustier, dubbed as the most expensive bustier, is handcrafted and studded with Belgian diamonds.

This bustier seems to have been designed to be worn alone rather than donning it in the traditional way. Therefore, I am very sure it won’t meet the same fate as Victoria’s Secret’s diamond-studded lingerie.

Orra, Chief Executive Officer Vijay Jain stated “While the design is influenced by the strong Indian heritage, they have used the finest Belgian diamonds in this magnificent piece, making it a true luxurious and one of a kind creation in the world of diamonds”.

Model Anjali Lavanya dazzled on the ramp in this most expensive bustier that took a team of designers, stylists and craftsmen six months to create. And the bustier adorns a couture tag of 1 million euros i.e. $1,347,510.

The models were also presented other designs by the jewelery brand along with the bustier.

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