What is Cocktail Attire?

annekleindressruchedsilkCocktail attire is the most confusing term that seems to appear on invitations for the purpose of sending you into a wardrobe frenzy. It means something less than formal but more than business is required, but in the world of ever more casual fashions and ever-changing, you easily run a risk of being over or under-dressed for the event.

Cocktail attire means a cocktail dress for women which means a short dress and a suit for men. I prefer to wear a little black dress. It depends how formal you think the occasion is, you can have it up with accessories. You have lots of leniency in what you wear a dressy pantsuit, a lovely top and skirt etc.

You can follow these basic guidelines to go through any event with style to make an impact:

For men, the confusion regarding cocktail attire is much more simple. A well-pressed pants, casual suit and a crisp button down shirt and tie is sufficient for most events. You can bring a jacket with you and can leave it in the car if you notice more casually-dressed fellows at the event. Be sure to polish your shoes and considering adding a handsome set of cuff links.

For women, Cocktail attire is where the headaches begin. Should I wear a dress, a skirt and top, a suit? If I am going for a skirt or dress, what length should it be? And what about accessories and shoes?

If you choose to wear a dress, think simplicity and elegance over flashy details. Cocktail-wear is knee length, though if you are wearing a simple straight skirt, longer is acceptable. If you select to wear a nice pair of trousers instead, pair them with a sexy or silky blouse. With a skirt or pants, be careful to avoid looking like you are going to a business meeting; remember, cocktails imply fun.

So, what you would like to wear in this kind of event? Share with me..

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