The traditional sari portrays a new avatar with fashion designer Hari Anand!

sariThe sari finds another new avatar with fashion designer Hari Anand’s exclusive experiment; where 18 meters of fine almost transparent georgette fabric have been pin tucked and pleated to gorgeous effect. He will be displaying a simply fabulous collection of saris in soothing colors such as ivory, cream, beige, and tan, each with a richly embroidered border with sequins and Parsi embroidery. It will also include beads, Swarovski crystals and rhinestones. The use of embellishments has given a stunning effect to the whole garment.

“It is a western concept,” says Hari about these pleated, classy saris which are priced at Rs. 35,000. The new avatar is quite sophisticated and comes from the artistry in pleating the fabric in varied breadths and sizes. Georgette as a fabric is rich by itself, and by adding such attractive embellishments, pin tucks and satin strips, it has added gloss and texture to the overall effect.

Unhappy and dismayed by the regular Fashion Weeks, he says that these Fashion Weeks only stress on merchandising and money and very less on creativity. And so he would love to present his entire collection that emerges from his city of Kochi. He is proud of the fact that though Kochi is a small city and not a citadel of fashion; he as a true designer is creating garments of international class. His work, he says, is a result of “constant research.” And explaining his present collection, he says that the name given is “Alphabets”, and is “a total reincarnation of a personality.” So one has to start from scratch, and learn the ABC of Sari.

This unique collection will be displayed at a preview on December 4 at Gokulam Convention Centre, where top national models will catwalk the collection. It is Season 3 for the designer with FTV and the ensemble is a collaboration with New York based caricaturist and illustrator, Patti Stren. So all you sari lovers watch out for this gala event!

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