Organic Clothing: The Latest Fashion Trend & Perhaps a Necessity for the Future!

organicClothes are the only possession that remains in direct contact with our body throughout the day. And since more and more consumers worldwide are becoming health conscious; they are moving towards organic clothing. The main reason for this substitution is the alarming increase in the use of pesticides in production of cotton, and other fabrics used in our regular apparels. Organic clothing is a type of clothing made from fibers that are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides and is really harmless for the human skin.

From the above discussion we might conclude that organic cotton is the latest invention which had never been used before; but the reality is that such cotton was cultivated in the past also, and was widely worn till the 1950s. But then again, advancement in technology and the hunger to make money faster left the traditional and conventional methods behind. But this trend has emerged again and is perhaps here to stay for good. Especially with big brands and renowned celebrities endorsing the importance of organic clothing for the body, its demand is increasing with each passing day.

Big names like Nike, Patagonia and Timberland use some percentage of organic fabrics in their sportswear range. Renowned fashion designers such as Rogan Gregory, Katherine Hamnett and Stella McCartney also use organic cotton in their designer outfits. In fact popular Harry Potter star and teenage heartthrob, Emma Watson, is soon planning to expand her fashion line with the latest organic clothing range.  She is also the creative consultant for Fair Trade fashion brand People Tree, and is teaming up with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti to create a new organic clothing range.

This type of clothing is not limited to cotton only, and bamboo, wool, hemp and some other fabrics are also prepared organically. Renowned Indian brand Raymonds have introduced an entire range made from bamboo fabrics. The shirts and trousers made from bamboo fabric both possess anti-bacterial and anti-static property, and can retain moisture even in the scorching heat of Indian summers.

Organic clothing is trendy; harmless to the body and is good for our ecological system as well. Such clothes are especially preferred for little toddlers as their skin is very sensitive. For all those who wish to lead a natural and healthy lifestyle, and also care for the environment, should go for organic clothing.

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