India showcases its diverse Sari fashion styles at CWG 2010!

India’s rich cultural heritage was depicted at the opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Games 2010 held in New Delhi on Sunday. And when we speak about India’s great culture the first clothing that comes to our mind is the ever beautiful sari. 71 Indian women representing the 71 countries wore saris draped in individual different styles. It was a showcase of exquisite fashion, creativity, aesthetic appeal and above all the portrayal of purity and decency for which India Sari’s are renowned all over the world.

The varied styles of draping a sari included the traditional Lavani style of Maharashtra, the ‘seedha palla’ style of Gujarat, a famous and customary style from Bengal, then the Coorgi style, the Gond style the Nivi style etc. The wonderful designs and attractive and bright colors made the ambiance all the more colorful.

Apart from this more than 8,000 performers from different fields portrayed India’s 5000 year old culture which was a treat to watch and an experience of a lifetime.

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